Rail Cover Fix

We have had some users have the steel shims covering their linear rails peel off at the ends(see below).  This is most likely due to an extreme change of temperature during shipping.   We've changed how we glue them here so there shouldn't be this issue anymore. 

The solution is pretty simple.  First you will want to lift up the shim(don't bend it to the point of making a crease) and remove any old adhesive and debris from the rail and the bottom of the cover using a razor blade and some alcohol.  

Next you will want to place healthy amount of Loctite 425 or comparable 2 minute cure thin glue on the rail top surface.  Then use a Q tip to evenly distribute the glue across the surface.


Then press the cover firmly on the rail from one side to the other.  Use alcohol and a rag to remove any excess adhesive.