MecSoft Corportation CAM Software Post Processor Information

Download the attached post to the MILL folder at the following locations:

VisualCADCAM : C:\ProgramData\MecSoft Corporation\VisualCAM<version>\Posts\MILL

RhinoCAM: C:\ProgramData\MecSoft Corporation\RhinoCAM <version> for Rhino 5.0\Posts\MILL

VisualCAM for SolidWorks: C:\ProgramData\MecSoft Corporation\VisualCAM <version> for SolidWorks\Posts\MILL

AlibreCAM: C:\ProgramData\MecSoft Corporation\AlibreCAM <version>\Posts\MILL

By default the ProgramData folders in Windows hidden. Click *here* to learn how to show hidden files and folder. Here is the information about our company & CAM products.

*MecSoft Corporation is a developer of standalone, as well as integrated CAM software solutions. Founded in 1997 in Irvine, CA, MecSoft continues to focus on developing easy, powerful, and affordable CAD/CAM software solutions. Our CAM products are:

* *VisualCAD/CAM is our flagship standalone CAD/CAM software that includes both CAD and CAM. 
* *RhinoCAM is a fully integrated CAM plug-in for Rhinoceros users. 
* *VisualCAM for SOLIDWORKS is a fully integrated Gold Certified CAM plug-in for SOLIDWORKS. 
* *AlibreCAM is a fully integrated CAM add-in for Alibre Design users.

All of our CAM software products include 2 ½ -5 Axis Milling as well us 2 Axis Turning capabilities.

Note:  the MecSoft post processor was created by MecSoft and has been user tested on the Pocket NC.  Pocket NC has not tested this post processor.