Impeller Training Series

We ship each machine with two pieces of pine so that users can follow this tutorial from start to finish to make a first part.

The first video shows how to get your geometry setup in Fusion 360.  Before you get started, you can download the model of the Pocket NC table and vise and the model of the impeller.

In the second video, we go over how to create the toolpaths in Fusion 360.  For this part you will want to download the tooling library that's available on our Post Processor Page.

The final part shows how to actually machine it on your Pocket NC.  Note that at the end, you have a roughed-out version of the impeller because you are still using a relatively large tool.  If you want to run the finishing toolpaths, feel free to use a smaller tool and play around with the toolpaths in Fusion 360!  Thanks for watching!