Testing Update

Our last couple months have been spent inching towards the capability of physical testing on our machine.  We are finally to the point of being able to successfully run some complete tool paths(sometimes for hours on end) which is pretty exciting because the build up to this has been hundreds of 10 second runs before having to stop to address bugs.

That being said,  you can see in the video above that we still have a ways to go in refining the 5 axis motion control with our TinyG2 boards.  We are happy to be on our way, and in our down time of getting software bugs worked out we are looking into an alternative motion control solution that would be based off of a Beagle Bone Black.  We are excited to have multiple motion control solutions in progress in the hopes that at least one will work out and we will be able to get machines out there with a stable solution at our Kickstarter campaign.

The other good news about starting our physical testing is that we are fairly confident our machines will still be running in a month from now(possibly with a Beagle Bone Black too) and we will make the trek to the Maker Faire in San Mateo.  We love meeting other makers and hearing what's going on outside of our corner of the world.  Thanks as always for your interest in our project and for your patience in waiting for it to develop!

February Update

Well it's been a while since we last updated, sorry for that.  The reason why is that we have been always feeling so close to getting our bugs worked out and having some awesome videos of the Betas running for you all.  We have been struggling with bug issues with our electronics since our last update, and are still struggling with them but we are still working hard at fixing them, and most importantly getting our customers a machine that just works.  We want to have all this worked through before launching a Kickstarter campaign so that you all can spend your time making cool stuff, not debugging your machine!

The state of our machine for the last few weeks...

The state of our machine for the last few weeks...

That said, there have been some positive things that have come out of our struggles.  One being that we realized we needed a better way to take the electronics in and out of the machine because its inevitable that it will happen, and having the mess you see in the above picture only adds to the frustration of having issues. So we designed a console that pulls out of the back of the machine much more easily .  


The other good thing that has been happening is that we have been starting to make more connections here in Bozeman with other makers and entrepreneurs,  which always helps to give us new ideas and to push through these technical problems.  As always, thanks to everyone who is keeping up with our progress.  We hope to get these bugs fixed soon, and once we do we will be posting as many videos and pictures of our testing process as we can.  Wish us luck!

Happy New Year from Pocket NC

Starting the New Year off with a fresh new website!  

Matt and I are both loving being full time at Pocket NC.  Over the holidays we shipped one of our Beta machines off to the guys over at Synthetos so they can help us with testing their TinyG boards.  Now we are working on assembling two more, while the other two are off getting anodized this week.  Pretty excited to get them together in the next few weeks and see what they can really do before getting our Kickstarter campaign rolling.