Fusion 360

New Training Series - Impeller Part 2

Per the request of some of our first users, we are creating a training series to teach Pocket NC users how to mill a wooden impeller from start to finish.  Last week we showed you how to create the geometry you would need in Fusion 360.

This weeks video gets to the really good stuff, how to generate your tool paths in Fusion 360 for the Pocket NC.  Once you've completed this tutorial, you will have the Gcode file read to get cutting!

If you have general questions related to Fusion 360 after watching these videos, be sure to check out their Learning Page as you may be able to find some answers there.  

New Training Series - Impeller Part 1

After sending out our first batch of machines,  we realized the most helpful tool to get our new users up and running with our machine would be a start to finish tutorial to mill a first part including how to generate the toolpaths in Fusion 360.  

We chose a wooden impeller as the first part.  While the impeller is the typical part used to show off continuous 5 axis machining, like almost all parts it is possible to do with indexed toolpaths instead.  We will do it using multiple orientations of the A and B axes.  Even though a metal impeller would be a lot cooler for a first part, we want to stress to our users to start out with a softer material while you are still getting to know your Pocket NC.

From now on, we will be shipping our machines with the material to cut the impeller.  For those of you in the first batch who already have your machines, we will send out the material to you soon.  

We will break the process up into 3 parts.  The first part(shown below)  details how to get the geometry all set up in Fusion 360.  You will need to download the file for the table and vise geometry  as well as the file for the impeller geometry.  Part 2 will show how to create your toolpaths in Fusion 360 and Part 3 will show how to cut the part on the machine.  Stay tuned!

PocketNC and Fusion 360

We have had a very exciting couple of months here at PocketNC.  Our last round of capes for our BeagleBone Black have full functionality which has enabled us to FINALLY move ahead with testing our hardware.  It also allows us to further explore the capabilities of Autodesk's new, cloud-based CAD/CAM solution, Fusion 360.

We are really excited about the offerings of Fusion 360 and believe that it will make a huge difference for our users as well as a ton of makers, educators, and start-ups the world over.  Autodesk has committed to offering the software for free (including 3+2 machining capability!) for hobbyists, educators, and businesses making less than $100,000 per year.  See this great blog post by CEO Carl Bass for more info on their vision.

We've worked with Autodesk over the past months to create a post processor for Fusion 360 specifically for PocketNC, but given the state of our electronics haven't been able to test it until now.  So we've spent the past couple of weeks working through writing tool paths to machine a duck call(based off an open source design by Doug Lanter on GrabCAD) and proofing out the PocketNC post processor.  We are really happy with the results and looking forward to moving on to more testing!