5 Axis Mill

PocketNC and Fusion 360

We have had a very exciting couple of months here at PocketNC.  Our last round of capes for our BeagleBone Black have full functionality which has enabled us to FINALLY move ahead with testing our hardware.  It also allows us to further explore the capabilities of Autodesk's new, cloud-based CAD/CAM solution, Fusion 360.

We are really excited about the offerings of Fusion 360 and believe that it will make a huge difference for our users as well as a ton of makers, educators, and start-ups the world over.  Autodesk has committed to offering the software for free (including 3+2 machining capability!) for hobbyists, educators, and businesses making less than $100,000 per year.  See this great blog post by CEO Carl Bass for more info on their vision.

We've worked with Autodesk over the past months to create a post processor for Fusion 360 specifically for PocketNC, but given the state of our electronics haven't been able to test it until now.  So we've spent the past couple of weeks working through writing tool paths to machine a duck call(based off an open source design by Doug Lanter on GrabCAD) and proofing out the PocketNC post processor.  We are really happy with the results and looking forward to moving on to more testing!

Happy Holidays from Pocket NC

We hope that the holidays found you all happy and healthy and that you're now tinkering with any new toys that Santa may have brought you!

We had a great Christmas and were delivered the last components we needed to complete our second round of prototype Beagle Bone Black capes on Christmas Eve day!  We have been working hard even since then to get everything connected and soldered and ready to go.  We began testing on the machine yesterday and we are happy with the results so far.  We have the machine moving around, and we are very happy to see the boards are staying cool.  The last round of prototype boards were getting pretty warm so that was one of our design objectives this round.  

So everyone is thinking the same thing,   "That's great, so when can I get a machine?!"  Well we have some more kinks to work out on these boards and that will determine whether we continue on with this set to do the fun testing or if we need iterate again on the capes(which will add more time to the process).  

We are excited to keep on testing, and hopefully put out some good videos for you all once we get to making some chips!


Testing our second round of cape prototypes for our 5 axis desktop CNC mill. First section is homing, second is just movement. Third is small movement with a dial indicator to show positional accuracy.