April 2016 Update: Announcing New Spindle Design and Backorder Status

We are very excited to release something we've been working hard on for quite a while now, our new spindle design!  We will now be offering an ER11 compatible spindle with individual tool holders. Features of the new design include:

  • 1.5 inches more tool clearance
  • 14 more tooling shank options
  • collets are over $60 cheaper
  • better tool clamping force
  • accepts tool shank up to 5/16" 
  • 3mm allen tool change
  • ideal for multi tool parts
  • increased rigidity
  • eliminates the need for shaft collars to set tool length


We are also transitioning from taking preorders for our machines to a 12 week backorder.  We hope to make good progress in the coming months to decrease this lead time even further.  You can now order a Pocket NC with the new spindle design on our store.  

Matt made the trip to SparkFun in Colorado to pick up our new-to-us pick and place machine.  He had a great time there, learned a lot, and was received well by a company that we really admire.  The machine is now at our shop and cranking out boards. Pictures below of the machine, Matt, Robert, and Nathan.  Robert gave up a good portion of his weekend to help get us trained on the machine and get it loaded up.  Thanks SparkFun!


Next up for Pocket NC will be proceeding with our new spindle design to safety certifications so we can finally get some machines to those of you who have been waiting for so long outside of the United States.  International preorders will be coming soon!  After being away for a couple of years, we will also be attending the Bay Area Maker Faire in May.  If you're around, stop by to see our machines and you may even catch a glimpse of what's coming next at Pocket NC!