Sold Out!

Wow!  What a week it's been.  Thanks so much to all of our backers who came out to support our campaign!  We are SO excited about the machines sold and ready to head into production.  So ready, that today we took delivery of about 1000 pounds of aluminum so that we can get to making chips on some of your frames.

 For those of you wondering if we will be adding more machines to the campaign, the answer is that we don't plan to.  The number we limited the campaign to is based on the manufacturing plan that we have developed and our capacity to grow over the coming months.  While it kills us to not sell as many machines as we can through the campaign, we want to make sure that we are well equipped to follow through with the delivery dates that we have set.  If you missed out on a machine and you want us to let you know when we launch preorders, or if you are outside the US and want to know when we launch preorders, leave us your email address in the box on our homepage.  Another option, if you are very determined to get a Kickstarter machine, is to watch over the next few weeks to see if another backer cancels their pledge.

Since we have done so well in the campaign, we decided to develop a custom vise to include with all of your machines!  It is a simple dowel pin vise that attaches to the table made from 6061 aluminum.  With what we will include, the width of part it can hold is 0.2-2.25 in.  This width can be easily extended by using longer dowel pins and a longer bolt.