May Update

We have had a very busy and productive couple of months here at Pocket NC!  

Besides continuing testing on our machines, we have been working on building two more machines that we will be sending out to our partners at Autodesk.  This has been very beneficial because it has allowed us to film the whole manufacturing process to show as part of our video for our Kickstarter campaign, test out a new supplier for our anodizing, as well as a new supplier for the pick and place manufacturing of our electronics boards.

We have been very pleased with how the machine has been performing cutting metal.  Our main project has been machining an engine block out of 6061 aluminum.  We've been running around 20 inches per minute.  The typical cuts have been 0.01 inches step over and 0.1 inch depth.


We are still on track to launch our Kickstarter campaign later this summer.  We will be tying up some loose ends before pulling the trigger, so stay tuned!