Kickstarter launch:  Mid 2015

First delivery goal: Late 2015

Target Price: $3500USD

Our entry into market product is the Pocket NC.  The Pocket NC is a 5 axis desktop CNC mill.

CNC milling machines have been around for decades. Most are industrial-sized, and are used create everything from the shaped trim in a house to the mechanical components of the space shuttle. To operate, a piece of material(metal, plastic, etc) is fastened to a bed and a cutting tool is used to shape it to the desired product. With computer control, the cutting tool and the part itself are maneuvered to achieve the desired cuts. In it's most simple form, a CNC milling machine can remove material in 3 translational axes of motion (X, Y, an Z). To enable the manufacturing of more complex parts, additional rotational axes of motion can be incorporated.  For this machine, the part being cut would be fixed to the green disk.

Over the last decade, a large do-it-yourself community has emerged giving a new market to CNC milling machines as personal rather than solely industrial applications. Many machines exist in the 3 axis market with varying degrees of complexity and accuracy. However, the 5 axis market has yet to be crossed to the hobby realm, and that is where Pocket NC P5 fits in. Pocket NC intends to produce and sell 5 axis machines that will allow at-home users to expand the possibilities of their creativity without being prohibitively expensive. The level of precision of the machine will also be such that it could enable a user to create parts as an personal business, or serve as an accessory to larger manufacturing facilities thus freeing up the large industrial machines from making relatively tiny parts.

Current Features

  • 5 axis motion

  • High precision linear car and rail systems

  • Travels  4.72 in (120 mm) in X and Y, 3.74 in (90 mm) inZ

  • Outside machine dimensions 13 in wide (330.2 mm)  x 9.5 in (214.3 mm) tall x 9 in (228.6 mm) deep when not fully extended

  • Linear motors are able to travel in increments of 0.0005in (0.0127 mm)

  • Weight of machine ~28lbs (11.3 kg)

  • Uses 1/8th inch end mills

  • Quick change lever for changing tools

  • USB input

  • 104 Watt output spindle

  • 62-10,000 rpm, able to increase or decrease in increments of 10 rpm with a near constant torque.

  • Accepts standard Gcode