Note:  There are USB communication bugs in Mac OSX 10.11.1 and 10.11.2.  If you haven't yet upgraded, we suggest you wait until later releases to avoid these issues.  If you have upgraded, use this guide as a work around for now.  

Download and install the following:

*Note:  In newer versions of OSX you may have to override settings to allow the install of the drivers.  You can learn how to do that here.

To use the machine:

  • Turn on your machine and connect via USB to your computer.

  • Open a terminal window by going to spotlight search, typing "Terminal", and selecting the Terminal icon shown below.

This will bring up a fresh terminal window.

Login into your Pocket NC using the command "ssh -X pocketnc@"

The password for the machine is "pocketnc"

Now that we have tested that the SSH connection works, we can test that Xming is working by entering the command PocketNC  (it is case sensitive).


  • After several seconds you should see LinuxCNC’s AXIS window appear, PocketNC uses this program as its CNC control interface.  

  • Test out your machine by turning E-stop off, Machine Power on, and clicking on Home All.  For the next steps to get going machining, see the Uploading and Deleting Files tutorial and the AXIS Overview tutorial

  • Finally, when it’s time to close up shop for the day you can power down the Pocket NC machine by closing the AXIS window, and from the console window enter sudo halt & exit this will we initiate the shutdown process and close the SSH connection on the way out.