Fusion 360 Ultimate Beta Post(Full 5 axis)

This is a set of instructions for uploading new Fusion CAM posts.  Please note that the current post will eventually be updated and provided within the Fusion software.  This update may take several months, so the following solution can be used as a temporary work around.
The steps are as follows
1. Migrate to A360 cloud storage (a360.autodesk.com/drive)
2. Sign in using Fusion 360 login information
3. Open folder labeled CAMPosts 

4. Use blue upload button to upload new cam post

5. To use the new post within Fusion, select a toolpath as normal, then select the Source dropdown and "My Cloud Posts"

The Post processor tab will now show a list of all cam posts available on your A360 drive.  It will take several minutes before posts uploaded to the A360 drive show up in Fusion, in some cases users may need to restart Fusion for a post to be available.