Fr4 Assembly Manual


The FR4 Machine Shield is assembled in three stages.  

  1.  Soldering of electronics such as resistors, capacitors and connectors 
  2.  Soldering of FR4 structure
  3.  Assembly of structure and hardware


Electronics Assembly

Electrical components are soldered directly on the surface of the of the Machine Shield.  This section covers the order in which to solder the components as well as  techniques used for soldering surface mount and thru hole components.   

To complete this section, locate the following components.


Connector #1  (qty 4)

Connector #2  (qty 4)

connector #3 (qty 4)

2.1mm Barrel Jack (qty 1)

Power Switch (qty 1)

Hall sensors (qty 4)

Resistors (qty 6)

Capicitor (qty 6)

Small Solder (qty 92cm)

Tweesers (qty 1)