FR4 Kickstarter Update #7: Assembly Manual Progress

We got all of the components in for the latest prototype and we have been working really hard the last couple of weeks to get them assembled, document the assembly process, and do the final verification we need before making the bulk component orders.

 All machines now include a lid.  We are working on a plexiglass add-on and hope to have it available to order before the first machines ship, or you can make your own.

 The card edge connectors are now vertical which allows for better cooling.  We also added 3 additional slots for additional card edge connectors in case you want to develop something else with your machine shield.  We updated the layout of the power switch and power plug and moved all of the connectors, adaptors, switches, etc to the back.

 We got our pick and place machine programmed and ready to produce Swap Drives.

 Next, we will be sending a few kits out to some helpers to test our packaging and assembly manual.  We will get feedback before making a final revision to the boards and ordering the bulk of the components.  For those of you who have asked about getting a purple machine, we have decided that we will not be offering a second color option for the Kickstarter machines.  On top of pricing issues, this would add a level of complexity to the process and we think our time would be better spent for you developing other areas of the machine shield.