FR4 Kickstarter Update #5: Revision C

We haven't had a chance to update since we closed out our Kickstarter campaign and successfully met our goal.  Thanks to all of our backers, we are so excited to have to opportunity to continue this project  and get this machine out into the world!

We have added a store on our website where you can find FR4 preorders, as well as relevant accessories for the FR4.  As we continue to develop accessories, this is where you will be able to find them available for purchase.  For small items like our Pocket NC Vise or the Arduino, if you leave us your backer number at checkout we will refund you the shipping cost and ship it with your machine.

The last couple of weeks, we have been working really hard to push a revision of the machine.  This is the revision we will use to write and test the assembly manual.  We will have 6 full circuit boards made so that we will have extras to test the manual and make revisions so that by the time you backers get it, it will be a better process.

In order to make sure that the fit of everything was correct before ordering panels,  we laser cut the design into a piece of wood the same thickness of the boards and performed a fit check.  We found a couple of minor changes, and are good to go to order from OSH Park soon!

Here's some of the improvements you can look forward to from this revision of the FR4:

- moved from 0.063in thick paneling to 0.093in for increased rigidity

-added cooling pads to stepper motors to improve performance

-added a lift door and an option for an enclosure(we will have plexiglass available on the store soon)

-added 3 spots for additional card edge connectors

- added LED work piece lighting

- new work envelope (5in x 2.75in x 2in)