FR4 Machine Shield Kickstarter Update #3

Hi everyone!  We are really excited that we met our goal, so thanks to all of our current backers.

We originally designed and built the machine for cutting wax and plastics, but just for fun we recently decided to see what would happen if we attempted to cut some aluminum and harder plastic on it, and we were blown away!  The machine held it's own, and the feed rates, depths of cut, and final tolerances are on par with hobby mills that sell for thousands of dollars.  See the video below showing the cutting as well as measuring the finished tolerances.

We also wanted to post an update for our Canadian backers out there.  We agree that the shipping cost for you isn't reasonable, and we're sorry we didn't catch that before the campaign.  Unfortunately, we can't change it through Kickstarter and so what we will do is refund part of your shipping expense($40) after the campaign is complete.  Hope this helps increase your tinker funds a little!

We spent a good portion of the past week moving into a new shop which has slowed our FR4 testing a bit, but we are going to work hard to get some content out demonstrating the machines ability to work a detail piece in wax before the close of the campaign, so stay tuned!